IXL K7 to 60. You must hand in work for this IXL.

On page 346, do problems 13, 34, 35, 11, 14. You need to factor the sums/differences of cubes (formulas are on page 343), then use the quadratic formula to solve the rest of the first 3 problems. The last 2 problems are review of the previous material.

On page 346; problems 18, 19, 30-32, 43-45.

On page 335, sketch problems 27-32. Also, answer problems 34-39 - answer a. b. c. d. for each problem.

Iowa Assessments today. No homework was assigned.

Worksheet 25 1-6 is due for tomorrow; read the directions. We also did some Iowa Assessment Review.

Worksheet 20 (Section 5.3) for tomorrow. This is over polynomial functions.

Worksheet 20; 5.3. We did problems 5-10, 11-13, and 17-20. This is over functions and evaluating functions.

5.1-5.2 Quiz.

Practice quiz 5.2 is in google classroom along with the answer key. We have quiz 5.1-5.2 tomorrow.

We traced some polynomials on graph paper, then we were assigned IXL K14 to 60. This was over matching polynomials and their graphs.

IXL K5 Synthetic Division. Get to a score of 80 on this; you must hand in scratch paper for this.

A worksheet was given over synthetic division. Do 1-16 for the assignment.

We reviewed today in class. On the old worksheet we were given problems 1-6, 17-25 odd to do.

We worked for the last time on polynomial long division; then we introduced the new paint-by-pair puzzle. Happy Easter.

Worksheet 14 (section 5.2) problems 9-15. This is over polynomial long division.

3-26, 3-27-18
IXL K4 from Algebra II. This is over polynomial long division. Get to a score of 90.

We discussed our exponent equations, and learned polynomial long division. There was no assignment. You will be working on these problems Monday and Tuesday in class.

We had a google classroom assignment solving polynomial variable exponent problems. Also 28-38 even p. 307

We went over our exponent rules and the worksheet. We ended the day with the TWIST puzzles.

Same as yesterday.

Worksheet 13-14 was handed out. This is over exponent rules. This is due on Wednesday.

We went over exponent rules today. There was no assignment. You will be working with exponents on Monday and Tuesday.

We took a quiz today over sections 4.7-4.8. There was no assignment given.

Quiz tomorrow over sections 4.7 and 4.8. Do practice problems on page 278 9, 13, 17, 19, 37,39. On page 285-286 problems 1, 3, 5, 35, 43. The answers are in the back of the book.

Worksheet 49, now solve and write all the answers with { } brackets. Worksheet 50, graph 4-6.

Worksheet 49 (1-15) - Just factor the polynomials. Worksheet 50 - Get 1-3 into vertex form (no graphing yet).

I sent you a google document over our material for Thursday. Then we had page 279 problems 35-40 and on old worksheet 46 we had 13-16.

Worksheet 43 (you can get it from the website); graph 1-6. Hint: Put into vertex form first, then plug more numbers in, then graph!

We did worksheet 46 from the website (If you were gone you can get if from there). We did 1-9; write the equations in vertex form.

We did quadratic marble-slides today. We worked on it in class and there was no assignment.

We took a quiz on Friday over sections 4.5 and 4.6. No assignment followed.

We reviewed for a quiz tomorrow which is over sections 4.5 and 4.6. A practice quiz was handed out and the answers are posted in google classroom.

IXL J10. This is over finding the discriminant. Get this to 91.

IXL J9. Do this on paper that you can hand in. You need to get this to 80.

IXL J9 - The Quadratic Formula - Solve 3 problems correctly. They will want decimals rounded to the nearest hundredth.

On the worksheet from yesterday, finish problems 20-31. Use completing the square.

On worksheet 33 (you should already have this) we did 5 problems: Problems 20, 21, 22, 26, 27. Do these on the back of this worksheet. This is over completing the square.

IXL J8 - Solving equations by completing the square. Get to 75 for a score for tomorrow.

We reviewed the Square Root Property and started completing the square. There was no assignment given today.

On page 260, we did problems 14-25. Factor the left side into a perfect square, take the square root of both sides, solve for x, then get 2 decimals for answers.

We had a quiz today over section 4.4 imaginary/complex numbers. There was nothing assigned after the quiz.

We had a review for the quiz tomorrow. This quiz will be over complex and imaginary numbers.

We had a review sheet of the last 2 days of class. This was over division of complex numbers.

IXL H5 to 80. This is over division of complex numbers.

A review sheet was given over multiplication of complex numbers. Problems 1-10 are due for Monday.

IXL H4 to 95. Multiplying complex numbers. Remember, i^2 = -1. When you get i^2, multiply by -1.

IXL H1 to 95. This is over complex/imaginary numbers. Hint: take the negative out of the square root and turn it into an i.

We had a quiz over factoring. This was from section 4.3 from the book.

We reviewed for a quiz which is over factoring. The quiz will be on Tuesday.

We were given a document in google classroom. Solve the problems and type them onto the document. Also book problems, page 242, 20-41, the left column are due also. Put those answers on the document as well.

Worksheet 18 from the website, section 4.3, we did the left 2 columns. Get everything on one side, factor, and let each factor equal zero.

Factoring by grouping. A worksheet was given on this - which is due tomorrow.

Sums and Differences of Cubes. A worksheet was handed out on this.

IXL I3 from algebra 2. Get this IXL to 70 for tomorrow. Show your work, take out the GCF and then factor the remaining polynomial.
IXL AA5 from Algebra 1. Factoring trinomials when the leading coefficient is 1. You have to write down the polynomial on paper then type it in the computer. You have to get 15 correct for this IXL. You will hand in your paper as well the next class period.

IXL AA4 from ALGEBRA 1. Factoring trinomials when the leading coefficient is 1. This IXL you possibly have done before; keep track of how many you get right; you need to get
20 correct for tomorrow. Every time you get one correct, tally it; get 20 correct for tomorrow.

Page 234 problems 20-29. Use desmos to plug in the equations and find out what the x-intercepts are. There are either 2 x-intercepts, 1 x-intercept, or no x-intercepts. Write down the number of solutions and then what the solutions are.

Worksheet 7, 1-9 for homework. Graph 1-3, find the vertex, axis of symmetry, y-intercept, direction, min/max, domain, and range for problems 4-9.

No School - snow day

Worksheet 180 (graphing parabolas) for Monday. This is the start of quadratics.

Semester test review.

Practice for semester test.

Hand out semester test information.

Quiz over 3.5-3.8.

Practice Quiz 3.5-3.8.

We did a worksheet in class over solving systems with inverse matrices. The worksheet is due on Monday.

Finding the inverse of a matrix. IXL G12 to 66.

We did an in-class activity over following directions plus we reviewed matrices. There was no assignment given.

We worked with Cramer's rule today. A worksheet was given for the assignment.

We worked with finding values of determinants 2x2 and 3x3s. The assignment was on page 194 1-7.

We did a word-problem worksheet over matrice multiplication yesterday. We are to do the 4 problems on the sheet.

Worksheet 37 (from my website; section 3.6) plus book assignment page 184 problems 15-24.

IXL G6 to 80. This is over matrice multiplication. ROW by COLUMN..!!

Worksheet 34 for tomorrow (3.5). This is over adding and subtracting matrices.

IXLs G3 and G4 to 90. This is over basic matrice operations.

We took a 5-problem quiz today over Linear Programming and solving 3-variable systems. There was no assignment.

On the worksheet that was given in class, solve on desmos. Screenshot the two graphs and SEND them back to me on the google document I sent you in google classroom. Also,
solve 3 IXL E13 problems on the same worksheet that was given out.

We worked on solving systems today in class on white-boards. There was no assignment today.

Website, Section 3.4, Worksheet 28; problems 6,4,7. This is over solving equations in three variables (using elimination).

Do the backside of the worksheet that was handed out in class. There are 2 problems; do them on desmos. This is over Linear Programming.

We did 7, 24 on section 3.3 out of the book. Set up inequalities and graph and solve on desmos. This is over Linear Programming.

We had 3.1-3.3 Quiz today. When finished, take IXL F5 to a score of 80.

We had a pre-quiz today over sections 3.1-3.3. The quiz is tomorrow.

Worksheet #14 from section 3.2. Graph and shade 1-9 on the worksheet.

Website Work: section 3.1, worksheet 6, 1-7. You can do this on the back-side of the assignment that was due for today.

A worksheet was handed out in class over solving word problems with systems of equations. Do problems 3, 4, 5, 6, 9,10 for Monday. gobble-gobble

Worksheet 7 (you can get it from my website), all is assigned. This is over the elimination method and substitution method.

IXL E6 to 70 and IXL E8 to 70. This is over the substitution method and the elimination method. You need to hand in scratch paper for these IXLs.

We did the graphing worksheet on Monday. This was over solving systems of equations by using the graphing method.

We took 2.7-2.8 Quiz. After the quiz, you were to get IXL E2 to a score of 90. This is over the graphing method.

We reviewed for section 2.7-2.8 Quiz. The quiz is tomorrow.

IXLs C8 and C9. 3rd period: 70, 60. 5th period: 80, 60. 7th period: 35, 35. 8th period 50, 50.

We graphed worksheet 52 from section 2.8. This was handed out in class.

We graphed 12 equations by only using the transformations we have learned. Graph paper was handed out for this.

Periods 3,5: IXLs P1, P6. P1 to 95, P6 to 60. Periods 7,8 page 114, 14-31, 39, 40.

Worksheet 43-46. ONLY answer the questions. No graphing. These worksheets are related with translations, reflections, and dilations of functions.

We started a DESMOS project today. We worked on this in class today. It was sent to you in google classroom.

We took a quiz over 2.6. Afterwards we were given a list of functions and we were to type them into desmos and graph each one of them. All of the graphs are to be graphed on one coordinate plane. So at the end, there will be 8 graphs on one graph.

We had a practice quiz today. The quiz tomorrow is over section 2.7.

We graphed more step and absolute value functions. A new piece of graph paper was handed out for this.

Worksheet 38 5-8; worksheet 39 3-6. You should already have this worksheet. Absolute value graphs should look like Vs. The other graphs should look like steps.

We did not have any homework today. We started with finding an equation for a piece-wise function.

Worksheet 38 problems 1-4; worksheet 39 problems 1-2; this is over piece-wise functions.

In google classroom I sent you piece-wise functions. Graph problems 1-5; each one goes on a graph.

We took a 2.4-2.5 Quiz today over finding equations of lines and desmos.

QUIZ TOMORROW! Check out google classroom.
Page 95 1-7. For each problem, find the equation of the regression line, the correlation coefficient, and the answer according to regression equation.

Using the desmos link I sent you in google classroom, find the regression equation. From yesterdays worksheet, do 1-3 (side 32) and 1,2 (side 33).

Period 3: Nothing. All others: Worksheet 32-33, section 2.5 (linear regression); do the first 3 on page 32 and the top problem on 33. Follow directions!

IXL D8; get to a score of 94 (Alg II) for full credit. You must have scratch paper for full credit.

Website: section 2.4: worksheet 26 - Problems 2-16 even. Find the equation of a line.

Quiz over sections 2.1 - 2.3. There was no assignment given after the quiz.

We reviewed for tomorrows quiz which is over sections 2.1 - 2.3. The answers have been sent to you in google classroom.

Go to student.desmos.com and use these codes: Period 3: WDEQW Period 5: MPTG8 Period 7: 5VT86 Period 8: SSVAJ
You need to pass the first challenge question. This will take you some time to complete.

IXL S22 (Alg 1); get to a score of 60.

Page 80 12-21. Also, website section 2.3, worksheet 19, problems 7-16. This is over slope.

IXLs from ALGEBRA 1: S6, S17, S20. Get these all to 92. These are all over graphing from different forms.

On page 71, graph problems 6-15. Use the intercepts. To find the x-interept, let y = 0; to find the y-intercept, let x = 0.

On page 72, do problems 26-40. Get these problems in standard form. Write all problems in the form Ax + By = C.

We learned a little on Standard Form of a Linear Function; then we were given 2 battleships to solve.

Finish the worksheet on functions; then do section 2.1, worksheet 7, 1-14.

IXLs D1 get to 90; D2 get to 90; D3 get to 90. This is over FUNCTIONS.

TWIST; plus 1-10 on page 40. This is over Interval Notation.

Quiz today over sections 1.4-1.6. No assignment was given.

We reviewed for the 1.4-1.6 Quiz which is Friday.

Page 45-46 in the book; problems 18-21 and 35-40. This is over Solving Absolute Value Inequalities.

IXL C5 graphing linear inequalities. Get to these scores: 3rd Hour: 70; 5th Hour: 88; 7th Hour: 55; 8th Hour: 70.

Page 45-46 from the book: problems 1-4, 12-15, 45, 46. This is over combined inequalities.

On the worksheet that was handed out in class, do problems 1-4 on the front and 6 and 7 on the back.

On the worksheet that was handed out in class, do problems 3,4,7,8,9, and 3 that is on the opposite side. Set up an inequality statement and then solve.

Do problems 11-18 on the worksheet from yesterday. This is over solving inequalities.

Do 1-10 of the worksheet that was handed out today in class. This is over solving inequalities.

For the worksheet that was assigned, do the left side of each side PLUS 12 and 14 of the second side.

IXL B3; get to a score of 93. This is over solving absolute value equations.

We took our first quiz today; then afterwards we had an assignment over Evaluating Absolute Value page 30 from the textbook, 14-21.

You were sent a document in google classroom today. Finish this PRE-QUIz before class tomorrow. Your first quiz tomorrow is over sections 1.1 - 1.3.

Finish 43-47; Also IXLs B1 and B5 to 60 is assigned.

On the new worksheet that was handed out, do problems 31-39.

Website homework: section 1.2 workshsheet 14, problems 1-18. ALSO the left side of the equation worksheet that was handed out is due.

There is no homework today. Please respect the substitute tomorrow and work quietly!

Book homework, section 1.2 page 14, 1-4 and 14-25. When you list the sets of numbers, you can use the abbreviations R, Q, I, Z, W, N.

Complete the middle column of worksheet 16 plus complete the battleship puzzle that was handed out.

Worksheet 8, the whole front is due PLUS worksheet 16 do the first column.

We discussed more expectations. On the algebra skills worksheet, do 1-14.

We went over first day of class information: rules/expectations/policies.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over all the sequences and series that we have been working on. The answers were sent out in google classroom.

Worksheet 41; (section 10.3), 2-12 right column. This is over binomial expansion using Pascal's Triangle.

Worksheet 29 (10.4); do problems 1-15; this is over Infinite Geometric Series. Use your new formula: Sn = a1 / (1 - r)

Worksheet in class do 13-20 (not 17-18); also from my website, worksheet 20 (section 10.3) problems 1-4. Caution: If the bottom number is not 1 on the bottom of sigma,
be careful!

We did puzzles today because of the assembly in the morning. Have your assignment done for tomorrow.

On worksheet 21 (section 10.3), we were assigned problems 1-20. This is over the general geometric formula.

On worksheet 14 (section 10.2), do problems 5-14. This is over arithmetic summation; adding the terms of arithmetic sequences.

Worksheet 13 (10.2), 1-10. On problems 7-10 and 3-4, just write the equation for those problems.

A worksheet was done over manipulating formulas. Do the three sections of the worksheet; not the section that deals with the 100-ft building.

A timing lab was done today. Have your graphs done for tomorrow.

We had a quiz today over sections 6.4-6.7. No assignment for tomorrow.

We reviewed and worked on a practice quiz today. The quiz tomorrow is over sections 6.4-6.7. The answers for the practice quiz were sent out to you in google classroom.

On the same worksheet as yesterday, we were given 25-28 to solve. On these problems, isolate a radical and square both sides. When you do this, FOIL the side that has the binomial that is a perfect square. THEN there will still be a radical left; which you must isolate again and then square both sides again. :)

On the worksheet that was handed out in class, do problems 1-15. On problems 13-15, you would have to do some factoring.

IXLs M1, M2, M3, M4. Take all of these to 70 by using the rules of we have been working with.

Page 426 16-27 and Website section 6.6 worksheet 40; problems 1-14. This is over rational exponents.

There was no assignment today de to NWEA's.

Worksheet 34, section 6.5, problems 22-35. No radicals on the bottom!

Section 6.5 from the website worksheet 33: 12-21; worksheet 34: 16-19.

Worksheet 28 from section 6.4, problem 1-35, do the left 3 columns.

We talked about part of our last quiz, then we were introduced to a new puzzle. Try to solve as much of the puzzle as you can over break!

We took 5.6-5.8 Quiz today. No assignment for tomorrow.

We had a quiz review today. The quiz is over sections 5.6, 5.7, 5.8.

On page 369 from the book, we did problems 6,7,8,9,27. Use the rational root theorem and the clues I gave you to solve these.

IXL K10. The Rational Root Theorem. Get to a score of 80 for the assignment.

From the packet we have, worksheet 43 19-24 (don't do #21); worksheet 44: 17, 19.

Worksheet 44, do problems 11-16. On #13, the end of the problem should say 17x - 15.

Worksheet 43 from Website (5.7); problems 14, 15, 16, 17. On #14 you will need the quadratic formula.

IXL K13 to 90. DesCartes Sign Rule; if you need to look at something to help you, page 360 in t he text may help.

We took Math Computation and Mathematics test for the Iowa Assessments. Worksheet 17 is due on Monday. On 1-12, just plug in (-1) for the functions. On 13-24, solve those completely by using Synthetic Division.

Worksheet 38 do problems 2-16 even - just plug in (-3) into the function. Also 17-28 all problems find the remaining factors. Hint: You must get a 0 out for a remainder and factor your remaining polynomial.

We took a quiz over sections 5.5 today.

5.5 Practice Quiz was done today. The answers I sent to you in google classroom. There is a quiz over section 5.5 tomorrow. Know the practice quiz; everything on the practice quiz will be on the quiz tomorrow. Remember: always take out the GCF first.

Website Homework: Section 5.5, worksheet 32, problems 1-12, 19-24. Remember, take out GCF always first whenever you can. On the first four problems, all you can do is take out the GCF. On the first 12, you are factoring. On 19-24, you are SOLVING (let each part = 0 at the end to find the solutions).

Quadratic Formula sheet that was handed out in class is due tomorrow; plus problems 13, 34, 35 on page 346 from the textbook.

We checked our homework from yesterday and practiced solving polynomial equations more. 2 problems were given for homework.

Notes and an assignment were handed out. This is due tomorrow. Follow the notes in order to do the worksheet.

IXL I7 get to a score of 95. Have paper to turn in.

We reviewed different kinds of factoring. Remember, always take out the GCF! No assignment was given.

IXL I5 to 70. Factor the polynomials by grouping together in groups of 2. Remember, always take out the GCF! Get to a score of 70.

IXL I6. Get to a score of 70. Remember to take out the GCF!

Website homework: section 5.4 worksheet 26; do problems 1-4. Also, answer their a,b,c. Then answer d) describe end behavior, e) odd or even function f) how many real zeros g0 state the domain and range.

p 335 27-32, draw an individual graph for each one. Also problems 34-39, answer all 4 parts for each problem.

Worksheet 25 (section 5.4) for tomorrow. Only graph the polynomial functions; which is part A on the worksheet.

Worksheet 20 (from the website if you were gone), section 5.3. Do problems 1-10 and 17-20.

We sketched some polynomial functions and talked about the behavior of them.

We had a quiz today over sections 5.1-5.2. No homework is assigned.

We had a practice quiz today getting us ready for tomorrow. The quiz tomorrow is over sections 5.1-5.2.

Worksheet 14 from section 5.2, problems 2-22. Use synthetic division on problems 8-22.

IXL K5; synthetic division. Get to a score of 75.

IXL K4. Take it now to a score of 80. Show work on the long division.

IXL K4. Polynomial Long Division. Get to a score of 60.

I sent you an assignment in google classroom. Solve by getting each term in a common base, then using exponent rules to get into one base on each side of the equation. Then solve the remaining equation. 1-9 is due tomorrow.

Worksheet 8 from my website section 5.1. Do problems 1-22. These are over our exponent rules.

On worksheet 14 that was handed out in class, we did problems 1-29.

An exponent rules/worksheet was given out in class. We were assigned 1-38 for Monday. If you need help with the worksheet, flip the worksheet over and find the rule associated with the exponents.

We took 4.7-4.8 Quiz today. No homework was assigned.

We worked on a practice quiz today over sections 4.7-4.8. Tomorrow there is a quiz.

On the worksheet in class, we did problems 1-12. Write them down in the correct order and the correct notation.

On the worksheet that was handed out in class, we solved problems 2,3,5,6. Graph the inequalities and shade the appropriate region.

On worksheet 46 from 4.7 (you should already have this), do 13-16 AND book problems 35-40 on page 279. Find an equation of a graph. There is an example on page 276 that is pretty good to follow.

We graphed quadratic equations today. First get into vertex form, then plot additional points; make an x-y chart to organize your numbers. We did 11, 12, 14, 16, 17 on page 278.

We did worksheet 46 from section 4.7. Write the equations in vertex form, numbers 1-9. There are examples on page 275 to help yo with this.

We worked on/finished the quadratic formula project in class. These are due tomorrow in class OR at the end of school tomorrow. We WON'T work on them Wednesday in class.

We started a 2-day project in google classroom. It is over the quadratic formula. This will be due Wednesday in class or Wednesday after school.

A quiz was given today over sections 4.5-4.6. There was no assignment given afterwards.

We had a practice quiz for tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 4.5-4.6. The square root property, completing the square, and the quadratic formula will be on the quiz.

IXL J10 to 90. Find the discriminant (take b^2 - 4ac).

Website section 4.6, worksheet 39, 1-14. Work the problems out by using the quadratic formula.

Website 4.6, worksheet 36, 1-10. The Quadratic Formula. No decimals; use simplified radicals.

No assignment for periods 5,6,7. We practiced in class completing the square.

Page 260 problems: 34,35, 36, 42, 43, 46. Solve by completing the square. No decimal answers.

From my website, doing these worksheet problems: Worksheet 31: 7,8, 9, 13, 14. Worksheet 32: 18, 24. Worksheet 33: 19, 23, 24.

p 260 in the book problems 14-25. This is over The Square Root Property. Give decimal answers on this sheet.

We had an IXL quiz today. There was a battleship given for homework.

A worksheet was given in class today over complex numbers. This is due tomorrow.

IXL H5 for tomorrow. Get to a score of 75.

We reviewed with a bingo game today. No assignment for tomorrow.

IXL H4 to 90. This is over multiplication of imaginary (complex) numbers.

IXL H1 to 95. Take the i out !!!

An introduction to i was today. IXL H8 was assigned. Go until you getter an answer that has a negative power. It should be a score of 70 or 75.

We reviewed a factoring worksheet today.

No class today.

A quiz was given today over sections 4.1-4.3.

We reviewed fore a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 4.1-4.3.

Website Homework: Section 4.3, worksheet 18, do the left 2 columns. Rules: 1) Get zero on one side 2) Make sure the highest power is positive 3) Factor 4) Solve

Continue IXL I3 and take it to 100. You have the whole class period to do this.

IXL I3 to 70. This is over factoring quadratic polynomials.

On page 234, do problems 20-29 and 38-40. Use desmos. Plug the function into desmos then see where it crosses the x-axis.

On the sheet that was handed out in class, do problems 6, 9, 10, 11, 12. Use -b/2a first, then plug that value in.

On page 224 in the book, we did problems 1,3,6,7,16,18. Make a graph and a chart and find D, V, A, Y, M, D, and R for each one. Use -b/2a in each to start.

On worksheet 7,8; we did problems 1-3 on side 7 and 1, 3 on side 8. I need a graph for each plus a chart plus D, V, A, Y for each.

On worksheet #8, we did problems 1-15 on side 7 and 1-6 on side 8. We just found the vertex for each graph. Hint: do -b/2a to find the x-coordinate of the vertex, then plug that value in to find the y-coordinate.

We took a quiz over sections 3.5 - 3.8.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 3.5-3.8. There was a practice quiz that was handed out for the day.

Worksheet 44 from section 3.7. Use inverse matrices to solve these for tomorrow. Do problems 1-8. You should get nice numbers except for one of the problems in the middle.

IXL G12. Finding an inverse of a matrix. Get to a score of 65.

Page 195 numbers 45 and 46. Use your big notecard and follow Cramer's Rule.

On worksheet 46 from my website, solve problems 16-21 using Cramer's Rule. Also, on worksheet 44 do problems 1-4. You should only get 1 decimal.

Worksheet 46 from the website, problems 1-13 and the last 2. Use the diagonal rule.

IXL G10 - finding the determinant of a matrix. Go until a score in the 80s, stop when you get to 3x3 determinant.

A worksheet was given today over matrice multiplication involving word problems. If you weren't here, the problems were #12, #29, # 34, and #35 starting on page 183 of the text.

Worksheet 39 is to be finished problems 1-16 for tomorrow. This is over Matrix Multiplication.

Worksheet 33 was handed out in class. If you weren't here, you can get if off my website from section 3.5. All of side 33 is due for Monday.

IXLs G3, G4, and G5 are over Basic Matrice Operations. Your goal is to get to 70 for each IXL. You do not need to show work for these IXLs.

IXL E13. Keep track and get 3 correct. You must show your work. You will hand in your work the next class period.

We did the desmos part of our quiz today. Also, a worksheet was handed out of 3-variable equations. Do problems 2 and 3.

We took a quiz today over sections 3.1-3.3. We will do the desmos part of this tomorrow.

A practice quiz was given out for Monday. The quiz is over sections 3.1-3.3.

Problems 1-4 on the worksheet that was handed out yesterday in class. Do the work on the original worksheet, but go to desmos and graph them and save all four graphs individually. Your work should be on the worksheet, however.

Problem #3 on page 154 and problem #24 on page 158. Write inequalities then use desmos to graph and make a table and solve.

IXL F5 to 60 and worksheet 20 problems 1-4.

P 147 #3 and P 149 #4, plus worksheet problems 7-9.

IXL F2. Get to a score of 70. Do shading like we've done before. Graph both lines (full or dashed), then decide on what gets shaded.

Page 141 from the textbook problems 13-16 (substitution method) and 19-24 (elimination method).

Worksheet 161,162. Graph these equations and find out where they cross. Also, IXL E2, get to a score of 40.

We worked on our projects in class. They are due at the end of the day on Wednesday.

I sent you something in google classroom. Please read it carefully. This is due at the end of the day on Wednesday.

2.6-2.8 Quiz. No assignment afterwards.

Practice quiz today over sections 2.6-2.8. The practice is very similar to the quiz tomorrow.

IXL C8 to 90. Graph the line, is it a dashed line or full line, shade either above or below the line.

IXL P2 and P4 to 65.

p 114 in the textbook problems 14-31. Do not graph them, just answer with the transformation.

Use desmos to graph the right side of the packet of worksheets 44,45,46. If the problem asks for the translation or reflection, you must answer that as well.

Backside of worksheet #38, which is worksheet #39; do 1-6. With the packet that was handed out, do problems 1, 4 on worksheet 44 and 3, 5 on worksheet 45. For EACH problem that was given, make an x-y chart.

On worksheet 38, do problems 5-8. Remember these either will look like Vs or like steps.

Graph 1-8 on the graph paper that you should have. I should see x-y charts and a graph for each one.

p 105 problems 16-18 for the assignment. Do these on your individual sheet of paper.

Graphing Piece-Wise Functions: The assignment is 1,2,12 on pages 104, 105 of the textbook.. Use the example on page 101 to help out with this.

Worksheet 32,33. I sent you a desmos link in classroom. Do 4 things: graph the points on the graph, get an equation from desmos, write down the correlation coefficient (r), and fill in the missing term in the box. Do both sides of the worksheet.

We starting working with regression lines. We did not get to an assignment in class.

Quiz today over 2.1-2.4. No assignment for Monday.

We were given a practice quiz today. The quiz tomorrow is over sections 2.1-2.4.

We have an assignment over word problems today. From my website: section 2.1 worksheet 9 (all), and section 2.2 worksheet 15 (all). You may have to read the question more than once.

IXL D8 to 50. Read the directions on what they want. Look at the examples from section 2.4 in the book if you need some assistance.

Website homework: 2.3 worksheet 19, problems 1-16. Make sure to simplify your slopes.

IXl D6 (slope) is due for Monday. Take it to a score of 92. Remember: y2 - y1/(x2 - x1) is how you figure slope. If there is a graph, pick two points the line passes through, then count rise/run.

IXL D7. Take this to a score of 92. Graph out of y = mx + b. Remember, plot the y-intercept first then work with the slope to find another point.

There was an assignment posted on google classroom. You are to graph the first 10 equations. Get the equations in standard form first!

Page 72 problems 26-34. Get these into standard form. The rules are on page 70.

Page 65 in the textbook problems 11-20. On the first 3, answer all parts: domain, range, function: yes/no, etc.
On the problems starting with #15, just graph these.

Battleships and IXL D3 to 90.

IXLs D1 and D2 were assigned. Take them both to 95 for the goal. This is over beginning functions.

We took a quiz over 1.4-1.6 today. No homework due for tomorrow.

A pre-quiz was sent to you in google classroom. You need to finish the quiz and turn in it before the quiz tomorrow.

Worksheet 38 was assigned on Monday. Look at the examples on the top of the worksheet. Do problems 1-8.

Worksheet 37 from the website. Do problems 1-8. Please give a bracket answer and an answer on the number line.

On the worksheet that was handed out in class, do problems 3,4,7,8,9,10. Show work and set up an inequality.

P 37 in the book problems 23-27. Set up the problems then solve.

5-21 odds on the worksheet. Remember, if you multiply or divide by a negative, you must FLIP THE SWITCH

IXL C4. Solve each inequality like an equation, Then type the answer in. The goal is 65.

Do the evens on the worksheet. Show your work to be safe!

IXLs B3 and B4. Get to 75 on each of them. Remember get the absolute value by itself first. Then solve
a = b and a = -b.

We took a quiz over sections 1.1 - 1.3. Then we did the middle column of the 1-2-3-4 worksheet for homework.

A pre-quiz was sent to you on google classroom. Complete it for tomorrow and turn in the assignment on classroom. The quiz is over sections 1.1-1.3.

From the worksheet that was handed out in class, do the evens on the equation side (2-20) and do odd problems 31-43 on the opposite side.

Finish side 14 for homework. Use your green-sheets!

Worksheet 13 was handed out in class. Do the top part of side 13. Period 7: Do the top part of side 14 (1-8).

Worksheet 5 from the website from section 1.1. Do 1-20 and you must show some work.

Website homework for tomorrow. Section 1.1, worksheet 7, problems 2-22 even. You must show some work.

We tried a battleship puzzle plus we were given a worksheet and were to do 1-12 on the worksheet.

Google Classroom and the online textbook was set up today. No assignment for tomorrow.

We went over class rules and guidelines. No assignment for tomorrow.

We started reviewing for the semester test. A review was handed out plus the answer key for the review.

We played plinko today against each other.

We watched a few episodes of plinko today and charted the results of numbers.

We started looking at plinko today and had a plinko sheet of numbers due for tuesday.

Quiz over 10.1-10.6 today.

Practice Quiz over sections 10.1-10.6. The quiz is tomorrow.

From the same worksheet as yesterday, do problems 13-22. Use the binomial expansion and combination key on your calculator to help with this.

Worksheet 41 from section 10.6. We did problems 7-10 of general binomial expansion.

Worksheet 29 from section 10.4. 1-22 is the assignment.

We did a golf ball lab outside of class today. There was no assignment due for Monday.

Page 678-679 in the book problems 47-50 and 57-61. Do these on your own paper.

Worksheet 21 from section 10.3. We did problems 1-20.

Worksheet #13 from section 10-2. We did problems 1-14.

Worksheet #8 from section 10.1. Answer questions 1-10.

We finished the timing lab today and we will conclude it on Monday.

We started a timing lab today. This will carry over into tomorrow as well.

Community Service Day

IXLs L5 to 95 and L6 to 50. This is over roots of variable expressions.

IXLs L1, L2, and L3 to 95. Use either your cheatsheet or your calculator to help on these IXLs.

We took 5.6-5.8 Quiz today in class. No assignment was given.

The quiz never made it back from central copying. Therefore, the quiz will be tomorrow instead of today.

A practice quiz was given over sections 5.6-5.8. the quiz is tomorrow.

Website section 5.7 worksheet 44 problems 17-20. Finding the polynomial function when given the roots. Remember: x - (the roots).....

IXL K10 to 83-84. Remember, put the factors of the last number over factors of the first number.

Worksheet 44 from section 5.7. Only do problems 11 and 12. The second problem is a quadratic formula problem. The first one you should be able to factor.

Website Homework 5.7 Worksheet #43: problems 13,15,16,17. Use Descartes rules of signs to help you understand what to plug into the functions. Problem 13 you will need to use the quadratic formula and don't look for the negative zero!

IXL K13. Get to a score of 75. This is over Descartes Rule of Signs.

Worksheet 37 from section 5.6 from my website. For 1,3,5,7,9,11 just plug in (-1) into those functions. For the bottom problems follow the examples are page 354. You need to get a 0 when you divide synthetically. Then factor the remaining polynomial.

Iowa Assessment Day today. No assignment was given.

We did a few Iowa Assessment problems today plus we re-took the 10 problems from the last quiz.

We practiced more for a 10-problem quiz on Friday. The quiz is over factoring and solving equations by using factoring and the quadratic formula.

We took a quiz today over sections 5.3-5.5. No homework was assigned.

We reviewed for a quiz that is on Wednesday. We reviewed pages 337, 357, 377 from the book and pages 29, 31 from 5.5 from the website.

IXL K7 to a score of 50. Try to take the GCF out first.

Website 5.5 Worksheet 31 1-14, Worksheet 32 1-12. Factoring Polynomials.

p 346 problems 42-47. Solving polynomial equations.

Textbook p 335 problems 34-39. Answer al 4 parts for each problem.

Worksheet 25 from section 5.4. Graph problems 3, 4, 5 and answer the 3 parts for each problem.

IXL K14. Get to a score of 80.

We had a quiz today over sections 5.1-5.2. No assignment was given.

I sent you a review for the quiz tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 5.1-5.2.

Worksheet 12 from section 5.2 from the website. Use Synthetic Division for these. The first 3 have no remainders.

Worksheet 14 was handed out in class. Problems 9-13 was the assignment.

We worked in class on polynomial long division. No assignment was given.

IXL K4 get to a score of 60. You need to hand in scratch paper for this.

Website 5.1 WS 6 problems 7-12; 5.2 WS 14 problems 1-6.

5.1 from the website worksheet 8. Do problems 1-18.

Worksheet 14 (1-27), which was the back-side of the other worksheet that we did the other day.

Worksheet 13 that was handed out in class. Solve the whole side involving exponents.

We had a quiz today which covered sections 4.7-4.8.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 4.7 and 4.8. There was a practice quiz that was handed out.

Worksheet 50 do the right column. Factor and set up the answer as an "an" answer or an "or" answer.

4.8 Worksheets 48 do problems 1,2,4,6 and worksheet 50 do the left two columns. Factor these and get the two numbers out from factoring.

Graphing out of Vertex Form. From my website, section 4.7, on worksheet 43, do problems 1,2,5,6. On worksheet 46, so problems 13-16.

Graph the quadratic equations. First get into vertex form. You are to do the 6 problems that were given in class plus the two that were up on the board. These came from worksheet 45 from the website section 4.7.

Worksheet 45 from section 4.7 problems 1-9. Get the equations in vertex form.

Battleship day/ logic day. No assignment given.

4.6-4.7 Quiz No assignment after the quiz.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 4.5-4.6. Completing the square and the Quadratic Formula.

p 270 from the textbook, section 4.6. Do problems 21-32. On the even-numbered problems, do parts a,b,c for each. On the odds, do only parts a and b.

p 269 out of the textbook problems 1-8. Give simplified square root answers; no decimals.

IXL J11. Get to a score of 60 on this IXL. Show work with scratch paper (organized work).

21-24 on section 4.3 worksheet #19. Solve these by completing the square. Use fractions not decimals when you simplify.

IXL J10. The goal is a score of 80. To get credit, you need to hand in paper that is very organized showing your work.

Book homework from page 260. Problems 31,32,34,37.

We had a worksheet today over section 4.5 problems 14-25. The square root property.

The quiz today was over complex numbers.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow.

Review of IXL H6 and you can completely finish that old worksheet for tomorrow.

A review will be handed out in class. This is due on Tuesday.

IXL H5 to a score of 95 will be due on Monday.

We discussed and went over division of complex numbers. H5 IXL will be due on Monday.

IXL H4 to a score of 93. Remember: i^2 = -1.

IXL H1. You need to get to a score of 100 for this. Use your notes and your notecard.

We worked on IXLs J8 and J3 in class. The assignment was to take the IXLs both to a score of 85.

Today we took a quiz over sections 4.1 - 4.3. Then we were given IXL J7 to complete to a score of 100.

We reviewed for a quiz today which is over sections 4.1 - 4.3. A review was handed out in class that will be similar to the quiz.

IXL I7. Get 9 correct. Keep track! You must hand in scratch pater with your problems to get full credit.

IXL I2. Factoring quadratic polynomials. Get 5 more correct from that specific IXL.

p 234 from book problems 20-48 even. Plug the expression into desmos, then write down the roots or x-intercepts.

1,2,6 on the worksheet from yesterday in class PLUS 11,41,42 on pages 224-225 in the book. Find the min/max for the problems by using -b/2a

With the worksheet that was handed out in class, solve the transportation problem plus #9, #10 on the backside. You will have to foil to solve these.

A worksheet was handed out in class, it's also on my website, Section 4.1, worksheet 7. Graph the first 3 problems and find the vertex ,axis of symmetry, y-intercept, min/max value, domain, and range for problems 4-15.

We started to graph quadratic functions. We're using the formula -b/2a to help us find the vertex.

We started reviewing for the semester test! Do these problems for review for tomorrow: #18 p 37, #14 p 45, #14 p71, #6 p 79, and #18 p 87.

We took a quiz today over Cramer's Rule and inverse matrices. Tomorrow we are going to start reviewing for the semester test.

We reviewed for a quiz which will be on Monday. There was no additional assignment.

With the worksheet that was handed out in class, use inverse matrices on the left side and Cramer's Rule on the right side.

Page 202 from the textbook, problems 9-11 and 28-32. Solve the systems by using inverse matrices.

IXL G12. Get to a smart score of 60 on finding the inverse of a matrix.

We reviewed multiplication of matrices and addition of matrices. No homework is due on Tuesday.

We took a quiz over sections 3.5-3.7. Have a good Christmas!

We reviewed for a quiz which is on Tuesday. The review was textbook p 209 problems 31-40. Let me know if you have any questions.

Worksheet 44 from my website (3.7). Problems 1-8. Cramer's Rule

IXL G10 to 92. Find the determinant of a matrix.

A worksheet was handed out in class. Use matrix multiplication to solve these problems. The four problems are due tomorrow.

IXL G6 today on Matrix Multiplication. Get 85 for a score.

p 175 from the book problems 2-12. Use examples in the book to help you out. To add matrices, they must be the same size and shape.

We worked on a little "partner quiz" today of systems of 3 variables. There was no additional homework.

3.4 from the website, worksheet 28, problems 1,4,6. Show work and the solution. No decimals.

3.4 from the website, worksheet 27 problems 13,15,16. Eliminate the same variable twice to form a 2x2 system, then solve.

We had a quiz over sections 3.1-3.3 today. No assignment was given.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow over sections 3.1-3.3. There was a practice quiz handed out that you should know and complete before the quiz.

I emailed you 3 problems. Write inequalities for them and use desmos to solve them.

1-5 that was handed out in class. Use desmos to graph them.

#3 on page 156, #s 24, 26, 28 on page 158-159. Try to write inequality statements for each problem. You DO NOT have to graph these.

Worksheet 21 from my website (3.3), solve the first 5 problems. On problems 4,5 you may need to use substitution to find the corner-points.

Worksheet 20 from my website problems 1-6. Find the min & max values for these problems.

We had a short IXL quiz today. Then we had an inequality assignment over p157 problems 1,2,4,8,9,10. Graph each system of inequalities and then name the vertices of the feasible region.

Work on IXL F2 for practice, as we will have a small IXL quiz on Monday over that skill. We also started section 3.3 in class on Friday.

We took an IXL quiz today. After the quiz we were to work on IXL F2 and take that to a score of 90. Graph the inequalities and then shade.

Worksheet 14 was handed out in class. Graph the 2 inequality statements and then shade the correct portion. Problems 1-9 were the assignment.

Substitution method and elimination method. On my website, go to section 3.1 worksheet #7. Problems 4-17 were assigned. Use either method to solve.

The IXL quiz will be not be tomorrow. I want you to get some practice in first! However, your assignment today was IXL PRE-CALC I1. Graph the two lines and see where the lines cross. That is the solution to the system of equations. Get to a score of 95.

You just finished a quiz in here over sections 2.6-2.8. Go to IXL and LOG off, make sure you log OFF! We will have an IXL quiz on Tuesday, 11-17, over skills P1, P3, P5, and P6. Make sure you practice these skills and make sure you're LOGGED OFF. These skills pertain to all the transformations we've been working on recently. This is a chance you have to do really well and up your grade or maintain your grade. Good luck.

There is a quiz tomorrow and we reviewed for the quiz today. The quiz is over sections 2.6-2.8.

Worksheet 52 from section 2.8. Graph the inequality (line), then shade the appropriate section. Also C9 of IXL to a score of 60.

Section 2.7 Worksheets 43-46. No graphing, just answer the following questions with the correct transformations. Also, in the textbook page 114 problems 14-39; no graphing, just answer with the transformations.

We started discussing parent functions and transformations. There was no assignment given today for tomorrow.

On graph paper, graph y = [x] - 6, y = [3x + 2], y = 2|x - 4| + 6, y = -3|.5x + 1| - 2

On yesterdays worksheet 38, problems 6-8 were assigned. On worksheet 39, problems 3-6 were assigned. On the worksheets, if you are graphing absolute value, it will be like a V. On double [ ] problems, the function will look like a set of steps.

On worksheet 38 problems 1-4 were assigned and on worksheet 39 problems 1-2 were assigned.

Piece-Wise Functions. On section 2.5 p104-105 do problems 1,2,15. Make an x-y chart for each "piece" of the graph and then graph the function.

IXL quiz is tomorrow over D6! Our assignment today is website worksheets 32 and 33 from section 2.5; problems 1-3 from both worksheets. Find the equation for each problem, find r, and find the prediction for the problem.

Go to IXL D6, make sure you log OFF! Practice this as much as you wish. We have a quiz over this IXL on Monday. We will log back in on Monday.
I also sent you a link to do problems 5-8 on page 96. Read the problems!

2.5 from my website worksheet 32 (problems 1-3) and worksheet 33 (problem 1). Graph the problems and answer parts ABC for each problem.

2.4 from my website worksheet 25 problems 1-8. Find the equation of the lines.

p 87, section 2.4: 8-14 even and 17 - 22 all. Use y-y1=m(x-x1)

We took a quiz today over sections 2.1-2.3. No homework due for tomorrow.

We reviewed for a quiz which is on Monday. There is a review on page 91 that is a good review to do. Problems 8-13 are important to understand.

Website section 2.3. Worksheet 20 (all) and worksheet 21 (1-3).

Section 2.3 p80 problems 12-22. This is out of the textbook. Use slope formula y2-y1/x2 -x1

We took a few notes and then did IXL D5 over graphing. Take this IXL to 100.

Graph the linear equations that were on the board. Remember, let x=0 and y=0. These are the intercepts of the equation.

p71 6-11, p72 26-40, p 73 43-48. Write all these equations in standard form.

Page 72 (section 2.2) problems 25-35. Get the equations in standard form.

We were given 2 more equations to graph on our paper PLUS 21,22,24-32 on page 65 (section 2.1) from the textbook.

We graphed some relations. I handed out some graph paper in class and we had to graph four of them for homework.

IXL D1 for Monday. Get to 100. This is over the domain and range of a function.

Quiz today over sections 1.5-1.6. No assignment for tomorrow.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 1.5 and 1.6 which is over inequalities and compound inequalities.

IXL C8. Get to a score of 85. Use your rules.

IXL C7. Try to get to a 45. That's it!

C6 on IXL. Get to a score of 88. Graph the solutions on the number line provided and read directions.

Website: 1.5 WP INEQ 3,4,3,7,8,9. Try to set up the word problems so you can solve them algebraically.

Discussion of homework today; plus we worked on inequality word problems. We worked on 1-5 of the sheet that was handed out in class.

9-14 on worksheet 39; 5-8 on worksheet 40. This is from section 1.6 resources from my website. Graph each one and give a bracket answer.

Battleship day. No assignment.

1.6 from my website; worksheet 39, problems 10,11, 13.

We finished the worksheet we were given two days ago. We also practiced solving inequalities in class.

We took a quiz over 1.3-1.4. Then we were given a worksheet over solving inequalities problems 2-18 even.

We reviewed for the quiz over sections 1.3-1.4 which is tomorrow. We started talking inequalities as well. No assignment for tomorrow.

IXL B3 get to a score of 92. I am not requiring any work to be done for this IXL.

1.4 Resources from my website, worksheet 25. Do problems 10-16. There is example 4 on p 29 in the textbook that should help you understand.

p 30 in the textbook, section 1.4; do problems 23-34. Remember, get the absolute value by itself first. Then solve a=b and a=-b.

We started solving absolute value equations today. We were assigned the evens on the worksheet handed out in class. We took some notes over the material as well. Remember, to solve |x - 8| = 6 solve x - 8 = 6 and x - 8 = -6 . ( solve a = b and a = -b ).

We worked in class on evaluating absolute value expressions. There was no assignment given today.

1-12 Website from section 1.4 worksheet #24. Evaluating absolute value expressions.

Worksheet in class (5 problems) PLUS website section 1.3 Worksheet 19 problems 23-26.

1.3 resources handouts from the website, worksheet 18. Do problems 16-25. Show work!

On the worksheet I handed out in class, do problems 7-15. Show work!

Book p 14 problems 14-18 and p 15 problems 37-42. This is from section 1.2.

Get IXL A3 to 100. Also, book p 14 (section 1.2) do problems 1-12.

Website: 1.2 worksheet 11 problems 1-20.

Book: p 7 1-9, p 9 40,41. This is from section 1.1

From the website: Section 1.1 Worksheet 8, 1-25 odd. Show some work!

We registered online for our textbook and we received our IXL accounts today. Then we were given 2 battleship puzzles to solve.

We started discussing classroom rules/policies today.

Practice Quiz over 10.2-10.6. The quiz is tomorrow.

Worksheet 41 2-12 even. This is from section 10.6.

Right column to #26 plus the bottom 2 problems. (worksheet 29)

Lab outside the classroom. No assignment was given.

Worksheet 21 (section 10.2) 1-20.

Worksheet 13 (section 10-2) from website 1-14 (don't do #5,#6). Also, worksheet 15 1-3.

We went over the lab in class today and then we started some patterns. A worksheet was given out in class which will be due on Thursday.

We finished the lab in class and will be going over it tomorrow.

We started a timing lab in class. This will continue into Monday as well.

1-18 on worksheet that was handed out in class. To solve these, isolate the radical, then square it or cube it, then solve the remaining equation.

p 410 in textbook #s 12-35, 38-45.

The quiz today was over sections 5.6-5.8.

Practice Quiz was today. The quiz tomorrow is over 5.6-5.8 from the book.

We worked on writing equations more in class with imaginary coefficients. We did 15,40,41,42 in class. For number 15: you should multiply (x +2)(x-5)(x+3i)(x-3i). You should get an x^4 equation.

IXL K8. Get to 90. Multiply the roots together. If they give you -4 and 3 for the roots, take (x + 4)(x - 3) out to get x^2 + x - 12.

IXL K10. Get to 90. In the 80s you must find the rational roots. What that means is make a list like you did before, then see which one(s) work.

Worksheet 43 from section 5.7. Problems 13-18, don't do #16. Search for positive roots or zeros first. That is a big hint. On the first two, you have to use the quadratic formula.

We reviewed the quadratic formula today. We had a worksheet that is due tomorrow.

In-class work today on section 5.7. No assignment out of class.

IXL K13 today. Get to 90 for the goal.

Worksheet 38 was assigned today. Work out problems 17-28. Remember, you need to get 0 for a remainder for these to work out.

Worksheet 37 was assigned today. Work out problems 12-23 for tomorrow. This is from section 5.6.

5.2-5.4 Quiz is today.

We reviewed more for the quiz which is on Thursday.

We started reviewing for a quiz which is on Thursday 4-2. I gave out a practice quiz in class.

Iowa Assessment Day. No homework assigned.

Iowa Assessment Review Day. Iowa Assessments are Monday.

p 335 34-39, also sketch 27-29 on top of the page. These are from the textbook.

Make sure your graphs are all completed from Tuesday (worksheet 25,26).

A worksheet of graphs was given to you to complete due on Wednesday.

Battleship assignment/extra-credit day. A sheet of battleships were given to you to do.

We made some graphs of even/odd functions in class. No assignment due for Monday.

Worksheets 18,19,20 from section 5.3 from my website. There are 3 graphs from each worksheet. Complete parts a, b, c for each graph.

Worksheet 19 7-12 and worksheet 20 10-12. Find 2 values for each problem. Just plug in the numbers they give to the provided function.

Worksheet 14 (5.2) problems 18-23. Get them into the correct form first of all to solve.

Worksheet #12 from the website, section 5.2. Synthetic Division. Problems 1-10.

Worksheet 13 off the website problems 11,12,13,14,15,16,18,19,20,22. Polynomial Long Division.

Quiz in class over section 5.1. IXL is due tomorrow - get 13 problems correct.

We practiced in class for a quiz on Wednesday. We were assigned K4 from IXL. There will be at least 10 of these due for Thursday.

We started to look at polynomial long division today. No homework for Tuesday.

WS 13 1-8 and WS 14 1-6. Dividing Polynomials

Worksheet 8 (Section 5.1) from the website. Do problems 1-21 odd for tomorrow.

From textbook: p307 28-39 and 58-60.

Exponent Worksheet #24. Problems 1-26. Simplify all.

Exponent Worksheet #13. Problems 3-26. This was handed out in class.

We had 4.7-4.8 Quiz today. No assignment for for Monday.

We worked on a practice quiz for tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 4.7/4.8.

On the 2nd worksheet from yesterday, write the solutions in correct form. If it's < it should look like -2<x<6. If it's > it should look like x<4 or x >8.

2 Worksheets were given out in class. Graph the quadratic inequalities and factor the quadratic inequalities and get 2 numbers out for each.

p 279 35-40, and website section 4.7, worksheet 46, problems 13-15.

We reviewed some today and then did some extra-credit battleships.

Finish the graphing worksheet in class. Then do 1-9 from worksheet 45 on the back of your worksheet.

Graphing worksheet in class. Find the vertex first and then graph points that are close to the x value of the vertex. Problems 1,2,3,1,2 are due for Thursday.

WS 46 from section 4.7......problems 4,5, 7. Write in vertex form and then find the vertex, up or down, and the axis.

Quadratic Formula and completing the square quiz was today.

Practice Quiz today. We have a quiz on Monday over the quadratic formula, completing the square, and the Square-Root Property.

We worked in class today with the discriminant and the number of roots of a quadratic equation. No assignment for tomorrow.

Worksheet 39 5-14, this is from section 4.6 from my website. No decimals simplify all square roots.

IXL J10 get to 70. You need to turn in scratch paper with this.

We worked on completing the square on tougher equations. Then we started completing the square of the general quadratic equation.

We did an IXL that is in Pre-Calc: C7 Completing the Square. You need to get to 80.

Worksheet 31 from section 4.5. Problems 7-12. This is over completing the square.

Worksheet #30 on my website. 1-14. Follow the directions! This is from section 4.5.

We tried solving some equations using the square root property. We worked in class with no assignment.

Complex/Imaginary Numbers quiz today. Then on page 251 of the textbook, the assignment was problems 55-58 (section 4.4)

We took an IXL quiz today. We also have a different quiz tomorrow over complex/imaginary numbers.

IXL H5. We reviewed and then we are trying to get to a score of 90 on H5.

IXL H5. Get to a score of 80. You cannot give an answer with an i on the bottom.

Website section 4.4 Worksheet 24 problems 1-8 and Worksheet 25 problems 1-9.

Multiplying complex numbers today. IXL H4.....get to a score of a 100.

IXL H1 get to 95. When there is a negative inside the square root, take it outside and put an i.

After the quiz today you were assigned IXL H8 and had to get that to a score of 95.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. We started discussing powers of i.

IXL J8 due on Tuesday. You should have worked on this for 40 minutes.

Worksheet 18 in class do problems 4-14. Then on the back we had website homework 4.3 worksheet 17 doing the middle column problems.

IXL I2 for tomorrow. This is over quadratic factoring. You need to get 14 correct for tomorrow.

1,2,3,5,6 on the sheet that was handed out in class. Get a quadratic function out, then find the min/max.

P 225 43-48 find the vertices, these should be decimals. P 224 20-29, find the x intercepts. Plug the equations into desmos and find where the parabola crosses the x-axis.

Worksheet 7. Graph the first 3. On 10-15 find D, V, A, Y, M, D, R.

We took some notes over Quadratic Functions today. There was no homework given; this will start Monday.

No assignment. 1st day back we tried solving solving some puzzles.

We checked our quiz today from Friday and then played an extra-credit game.

Matrice quiz today. No homework due on Monday.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over matrices from sections 3.5-3.8.

Worksheet 44, numbers 1-8. Use inverse matrices to solve these. #5 will have a fraction.

Finding the inverse of a 2x2 matrix. IXL G12 get 10 correct.

Cramer's Rule: Worksheet 44 from section 3.7, numbers 1-8. There is an example to follow on that worksheet.

We had a review of the week: 3.5 WS 33 7-11; 3.6 WS 37 4-6; and 3.7 WS 45 16-21.

IXL G10. Find the value of a determinant. You have to complete 4 3 by 3s for the assignment.

Word Problems: p 183 (Section 3.6); Numbers 12, 29, 34, 35. Think about how you need to set these up in order to solve them.

Matrix Multiplication: Row by Column. Worksheet 39, 1-16.

p 175 we worked on problems 1-12 over matrice operations.

IXl G3/G4. Get to 90 on both. Adding and Subtracting Matrices and Multiplying by a scalar.

Quiz today over sections 3.1-3.4 systems of inequalities.

We reviewed for the quiz tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 3.1-3.4. A practice quiz was handed out in class.

Worksheet 28 problems 7,13,15,17,20 for Monday. Using elimination to solve 3 variable equations.

Solving systems of equations in 3 variables. Use elimination. problems 1,4,6,8 on Section 3.4 off of my website.

More linear programming problems today. A small worksheet was to be done (problems 1-3). Use desmos for the graphing.

Problem 3 on page 156 and problem 7 on page 157. Use desmos for the graphing portion of this.

Worksheet 20: probs 3,6 Worksheet 21: probs 1-2. Graph, find cornerpoints, then plug into the function given to find the maximum and minimum.

Worksheet 14 1-9. Graph the inequalities and shade the part of the graph that is the solution.

IXL F2 you have to get 10 (periods 2,4) and 15 (period 7) correct.

Lets work with IXL a little bit more, however, these shouldn't be like the last couple. These shouldn't take as long to complete. To do these IXLs correctly, you MUST graph them if they give you a graph. Here's a hint for successfully doing these: If the lines cross in only 1 place, theres 1 solution (consistent and independent). If they are parallel lines, there is no solution (inconsistent). If the graphs turn out to be the same line, there are infinitely many solutions (consistent and dependent).

Another hint: If the two lines have the same slope but different y-intercept, the lines are parallel.

Do IXLs E4 and E5. You must get 13 correct of each to be done. You DON'T need scratch paper for these.

If you do get done early, you may work on something else. Thanks. Mr. S.

Thanks for cooperating with Ms. Oxley. Please keep it down and work. Trust me, I wish I could be there with you. Today you're going to work with the Elimination Method. The goal here is to eliminate a variable, solve, then substitute the value back in and find the value of the other variable. Here is a basic example: 6j + 4k = -46 and 2j + 4k = -26. First notice you want to eliminate the k's; what you want is coefficients to match, but they have the same signs. So multiply the second equation by (-1) and you get -2j - 4k = 26. Now add this equation together with the first one and you get 4j = -20 so now you know that j = -5.... Plug this value into one of the old equations and you'll find out k = -4.

For this system: r - 6t = 44 and 9r + 12t = 0 notice no coefficients (numbers) match. So you need to multiply the first equation by 2 and then the t's would match and have opposite signs. You would have 2r - 12t = 88 then. Then you would add the two equations together and get 11r = 88. So r = 8; so if r = 8 you would plug this into an old equation to get t = -6. So the final solution is (8, -6).

IXL E8 is your assignment just like yesterday. Get 15 problems correct. Keep track! I need to see your work on different assignment (notebook) paper. Show ALL your work on your paper. I will collect this when I get back. Thanks. Mr. S.

Today you're going to work with the substitution method. You did the graphing method on Friday (IXL E2). Here are the rules for substitution method: 1) Get a variable by itself in one of the equations 2) Plug the expression into the other equation for that variable 3) Solve that equation 4) Plug into the other equation to solve for the other variable.
Here is an example: 5x - 3y = 23
2x + y = 7

Step 1) Solve the 2nd equation for y: y = -2x+ 7 Step 2) Substitute that expression into the first equation for y
5x - 3(-2x+7) = 23 Step 3) Now solve that equation x= 4 Step 4) Now plug x=4 into the easiest old equation and solve for y. y= -2(4) + 7 y = -1 Then the final answer would be ( 4, -1)

IXl E6 is going to be your assignment. You must get 15 correct and you MUST show your work on assignment paper.
Keep track of how many you get correct and you must show all your work. I will collect your assignment paper when I get back. Please be good for Ms. Oxley. Thanks. Mr. S.

There was a quiz today over sections 2.6-2.8. After the quiz, we were given IXL E2. Your goal is to get 12 correct. Graph both lines and see where they cross!

We were given a practice quiz today. The quiz tomorrow is over sections 2.6-2.8.

C2 on IXL. Get 10 correct for tomorrow. Graph the line, dashed or full, plug in 0,0 to see if it works, then shade the appropriate side of the line.

Google: Translation Worksheet Functions: open the one that says eSchool View (the 2nd or 3rd one). Do 1-24 except 3,7,9,12,19,20. Do not graph these functions.

IXL P1 is due for tomorrow. 95 is the goal.

Complete the packet and list the transformations for each problem. The transformations are: translations; up/down/left/right reflections; x-axis/y-axis dilations; stretch/compression.

On the packet I handed out in class, graph using desmos pages 44-46. Type in the equation and copy the graph onto your paper.

We started looking at "Step" functions and "absolute Value" functions today. We worked in class with no homework assigned.

p 105 from the textbook, problems 12-17. Graph 12,13,14,15 and find equations for 16 and 17.

We started graphing piecewise functions today. Two worksheets were handed out. Page 36 (problems 1,2,3) and P 38 (problems 1,2) are due for tomorrow.

We took a quiz on slope today. No homework was assigned.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. No assignment is due.

Finish all of worksheet 32-33 for tomorrow. We have a quiz on Friday.

Worksheet 32-33. This was handed out in class. You could get the worksheet off of my website (section 2.5). Problems 1-3 and problem 1 are due for Wednesday (worksheet 32 and 33).

Worksheet 24 from section 2.4 from my website.

Worksheet 25 from section 2.4 Resources from my website. Problems 1-13 are due for Monday.

We did some application slope problems. The we started finding equations of lines. No assignment due for Thursday.

p 80-81. problems 12-34. 29&30 you can skip. On #22, only b&c have to be done.

IXL D4 for homework. Get to a score of 100 is the goal.

P 79 1-10 for homework. Remember the slope formula m = y2-y1

We took 2.1-2.2 quiz today. Finish the graphing worksheet (front-back) for tomorrow.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow over sections 2.1-2.2.

P 72 35-40 graph them, get into standard form first. P 73 44-49. Solve those on a 1/2 sheet of paper. These problems are out of the textbook, section 2.2.

We started graphing linear equations. We went to IXL D5 and tried solving 7 problems.

Section 2.2 from my website, worksheet 12 1-9, worksheet 13 1-14. Pages 69,70 from the textbook should help you here. You do not have to explain or identify A, B, C on the two parts of the worksheets.

Worksheet #9 from the packet is due on Friday. These are word problems.

IXLs D1 and D2 for tomorrow. You have to get to a 100 for a score.

Functions were discussed in class. I handed out a packet and we did the top of the first four pages of the packet. A chart on page 61 should help you out.

We graphed equations todays that turned into being either linear (straight line) or quadratic (curve). p65 15-20.

Chapter 1 test is today. No assignment is due for Monday.

Practice Test in class over chapter 1. This is due for tomorrow.

We practiced with white-boards today and reviewed absolute-value inequalitites. No assignment due or Thursday.

Worksheet 38 from website (section 1.6), 5-10.

Sorry I could not be with you today... Today, you will work on Absolute Value Inequalities (woo-hoo....)..!! Here are some examples: |x| > 2 means the distance between x and 0 on the number line is more than two units away. Thus, it's all values more than 2 or less than negative two. If you would graph this, the two answers would go AWAY from each other. To make a long story short, greater than absolute value inequalities go AWAY from each other (kind of like an OR statement).
The statement |x| < 2 means the distance between x and 0 on the number line is less than two units away. Thus, it's all values less than 2 and more than -2 units away. If you would graph these answers on the number line they would go in towards each other. To make a long story short, less than absolute value inequalities go toward each other (kind of like an AND statement).
To solve these correctly ALWAYS get the absolute value by itself first of all. Then solve the statement without the | | symbols; this will get you the first answer, then solve the statement without the | | symbols and flip the switch and make the opposite side negative. This will get you two answers...REMEMBER... > statements go AWAY from each other and < statements go towards each other.
Examples 3a and 3b on page 43 in your textbook should show this clearly. Example 4 on page 44 is a really good example. You should open your textbooks and study these examples, especially on page 44.
For an assignment, you try problems 16-21 on page 45 of your textbook. I want 2 answers for each problem ( a number line answer and one in set-builder notation { } ). Also, worksheet 38 on my website (from 1.6 resource handouts) problems 1-4.

We worked in class some on Worksheet 39. This was not due for Monday, however.

IXL C6... Take it to 88 for a score. You should have a score near 50 starting out.

Book assignment p45 1-4 and 12-15.

Quiz today over Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. The quiz is over Absolute Value Equations and Solving Inequalities.

Book Assignment: p 37 23-27 and #40. Set up an inequality then solve.

IXL C5 and C6. Just take them to a score of 49....both parts.

Worksheet 31 from the website. Problems 1-9. FLIP the SWITCH when multiplying or dividing the inequality by a negative ..!!

Worksheet 34 (1.5 resources from the website). Problems 2,4,6,8,10,12. If you multiply or divide the inequality by a negative, you must FLIP THE SWITCH...!!

We worked in class on solving absolute value equations. Period 7 had to do IXL B3.

Absolute value equations. We worked on IXL B4 on friday, due Monday. Get to a score of 90 for Monday.

We started looking at Absolute Value Equations. We were assigned IXL B3 for Friday. For 7th hr, same assignment from Tuesday.

Some classes took 1.1-1.3 Quiz. Make sure your p23 homework is done the next day after the quiz.

We worked with a few equations. p23 problems 39-51 are due on Thursday.

We worked in class on equations, then we took IXL B1 to a score of 90.

We reviewed equations today. IXL B1 is due for tomorrow. You only have to take it to 80 for a score.

IXL A3 is due tomorrow as well as 14-17 and 37-42 on page 14,15 of the textbook.

Website Homework: 1.2 Resource Handouts: Worksheet 14: 1-8, 23-31. Also, master IXL A2.

Today we finished up section 1.1 in class. No homework outside of class.

Website Homework: WS #8 from section 1.1. Do the evens to number 24. This is over order of operations.

IXLs A1 and A2 are due tomorrow. Master the first IXL and get to 75 on the 2nd IXL.

We watched some videos over grit and then did an activity. No assignment due for Thursday.

First day of school. We went over the syllabus and discussed class guidelines. There was no assignment.

We learned about Plinko and Pascal's Triangle.

Chapter 10 Quiz today.

Quiz review today.

Worksheet 39 Section 10.4 1-5 Expansion of Binomials.

Worksheet 29 from website. Infinite Geometric Sequences. 1-36. Section 10.4 skip 27-34.

No assignment. Monday we will do A LOT of things. Be ready!

Worksheet 21 2-20 Worksheet 22 14,15 Geometric Sequences/Series

Worksheet 15 (1-5) and 1-3 on opposite side.

Worksheet 13 1-10, Worksheet 14 1-8. Due tomorrow (Wednesday).

Pattern worksheet and worksheet 8 is due for tomorrow. We are starting sequences and series.

Quiz over radicals today.

Practice Quiz over radicals and radical expressions. There is a quiz tomorrow.

Square root formulas worksheet was assigned in class and is due for tomorrow.

We worked on our Labs today and they're due tomorrow.

We started a Timing/Pendulum Lab today. We will continue this on Tuesday. Have a good Easter break.

Ugly radical equations. 26-32 on the little sheet I gave in class.

We started working on IXL L13. This is due for tomorrow (Wednesday). Get the radical by itself, square it, and solve the remaining equation.

IXLs are due tomorrow plus we looked at 2 higher order problems in the textbook today.

In class we worked on similar radical problems to the homework on yesterday. M4 and M5 off IXL are due on Tuesday.

Worksheet 39 off of the website (6.6). Problems 1-15

We had a short IXL quiz today. Don't forget, M1 and M2 are due tomorrow (Thursday).

IXL M1 and M2 are due on THURSDAY. We started working with them in class.

IXL L10 and L11 are due on WEDNESDAY. We started working with them in class.

L9 on IXL. You need to master this. Adding and subtracting radicals is the topic.

L8 on IXL. You need to get to either a score of 88 or spend 35 minutes on this.

We had a contest for homework/no homework today over nth roots. 1/2 of us were given homework which was worksheet 27. Don't forget, L6 from IXL is due tomorrow (Thursday) as well.

Iowa Assessments are today. No assignment due for Wednesday.

We worked with Iowa Assessment practice today. Our test is tomorrow. No assignment is due for tomorrow.

We made a cheat sheet for some perfect roots of numbers. Then, we were given L5 on IXL.

Quiz today over 8.1-8.3.

Quiz review today over 8.1-8.3. The quiz is tomorrow.

Graphing Reciprocal Functions. Worksheet 19, 1-6, and worksheet 20, 3-6. Draw the asymptotes and find the domain and range for each problem.

We started looking at the graphs of reciprocal functions today. No assignment due for tomorrow.

Rational Equations. Multiply by the LCD. Section 8.6, Worksheet 41, Problems 15-18.

5 more rational expressions to add/subtract. A worksheet was handed out in class.

Adding and subtracting rational expressions. Website homework: Section 8.2, worksheet 14, problems 13-21.

We looked at our assessment goals today and went over the homework. No assignment due for Wednesday.

From the email that I sent you (p 363), complex fractions, problems 21,22,25,26 are due on Tuesday.

Complex fractions worksheet. We were assigned 17, 18, 20, 21, 22. Find the overall LCD and multiply the top and bottom by that and eliminate the denominators. Simplify and then solve.

We were assigned 1-9 on the complex fraction worksheet. It was handed out in class.

We proved a^2-b^2 today. We were assigned 1,2,3 on Worksheet 114.

Worksheet 113 was given in class. It is over simplifying rational expressions. Two rules: 1) Can you take out a GCF? 2) Can you factor the polynomial? Then simplify to get your final answer.

We had quizzes over the rational root theorem and Descartes rules of signs; sections 5.5-5.8. No outside of class assignments were given.

We reviewed for the quiz tomorrow. A review was handed out in class.

We looked at the last few things of chapter #5 today. We do have an assignment: Worksheet 44 17-19 (5.7) and worksheet 49 21-23 (5.8).

We looked at the rational root theorem today in class and worked with it to find the zeros of a function. No assignment for tomorrow.

In class work on roots and zeros No assignment due for Tuesday.

Website homework worksheet 43, problems 7-12. Make a P-N-I chart. This is from section 5.7.

5.6 from the website, worksheet #37. Do 1-24, you can skip 2,4,6,8,10, and 12. Remember, get 0 for a remainder is a good thing!

We worked in class on polynomial equations and solved some application with it. No assignment is due for tomorrrow.

Page 346 numbers 30-34 and 347 was 58-68 only the problems on the left. There should be 11 problems total for tomorrow.

Worksheet 32 problems 19-24 are due on Tuesday. These are from my website and are from section 5.5.

Worksheet 25,26 is due for Monday.

No school.

2-17, 2-18, 2-19
2-17 and 2-18 Scavenger Hunt on the internet. 2-19: Worksheet 25, 26. Graph all equations.

2-12-14 and 2-13-14
We took a quiz on Wednesday and Thursday we looked at polynomial functions. No assignment for Monday.

Practice quiz is due tomorrow. We started looking at polynomial functions.

Synthetic Division using fractions. Worksheet 14 problems 18-22.

Worksheet 12 from the website, numbers 3-10. Synthetic division.

Polynomial Long Division: remember, divide, multiply, subtract, bring-down. 5.2 on the website, worksheet 13, 14-22.

We worked a bunch in class on change-of-base equations. We went over homework and practiced in class. No homework for tomorrow.

5.1 Download from my website. Do problems 21-38. Do you know your exponent rules?

Basic algebra review over exponents today. Side 13 is due tomorrow from a worksheet that I handed out in class.

We had a quiz today over 4.7 and 4.8. No assignment after the quiz.

We went over application problems today and worked on quiz review material. The quiz tomorrow is over 4.7 and 4.8.

2 application problems on quadratic inequalities. This is in the book on page 285 and 286 (numbers 8 and 45).

Worksheet 49,50 is due for tomorrow. Refer to pages 282,283 from the text for help if needed (recommended).

The 1/2 sheet of graphing from vertex form is due tomorrow. Find V,A,Y,M,D,R,X for the last two problems.

We did a few more things with vertex form of a quadratic. The assignment is: website 4.7 worksheet 46 problems 4-9 and 13-16.

We learned today about vertex form: y = (x -h)^2 + k We then did IXL T7 for tomorrow. We have to get to 70 for a smart-score.

Quiz today over sections 4.4-4.6.

We reviewed for a quiz over sections 4.4-4.6 tomorrow. I handed out a quiz review.

Website assignment: 4.6 Worksheet 36, 1-12. 1)Find the value of the discriminant, and 2)How many and what kind of roots do you have for the equation?

7,8,10,11 on the download 4.6 quadratic formula word problems. Set up equations and then solve with the quadratic formula.

IXL J9 The Quadratic Formula You must get at least 8 correct for the assignment.

On my website, problems 23-30 from worksheet 33. This is from section 4.5. These problems are over Completing the Square.

IXL today on completing the square. Go to ALGEBRA I (one). The skill is BB8. You have to try at least 5 problems and get at least 4 correct.

p 251 from section 4.4 from the book: problems 48-58. you can skip problem 57.

IXL skill H6. You must do a minimum of 20 of these problems.

IXL and try to get mastery on skill H8.

We discussed the imaginary number i today. Remember, i^2 = -1. The assignment is website 4.4 (2) all problems except 22 from the top and 23 and 24 from the bottom.

Welcome back. There is no assignment due tomorrow.

12-17 - 12-20
Semester Test Week. Goodluck and have a good break.

We continued looking at the semester test review. The semester test is Wednesday. Good-luck!

Semester exam material was handed out today. We started studying for the semester test.

4.1-4.3 quiz was today. No assignment due for tomorrow.

We reviewed quiz problems for tomorrow. The quiz is over sections 4.1-4.3

Factoring sums and differences of cubes plus factoring by grouping. Assignment was 4.32 on website 35, 40 and 71-78.

Factoring techniques today. 4.3 from the website, worksheet 20; do the odds 1-31.

4.2 Worksheets from the website. p 11 1-6, p12 1-6, p 13 1-8, p 14 4-8 Use desmos!!

Max/Min worksheet. 1-12. Use -b/2a to find the max/min. Due on Friday.

We are trying to find mins and maxs for quadratic functions. First you must find a quadratic function; this is usually done by multiplying. Then use the - b/2a formula for finding the vertex. Then answer the question based from your results.

Quadratic Functions again today. On 4.1 (2nd), do worksheet 4.1 p 7 problems 7-15. Find V,A,Y, M, D,R for each problem.

We started looking at the graphs of quadratic functions today. There are four quadratic functions in which we were to find the vertices for an assignment. They are: x^2 - 6x + 8 -x^2 + 4x - 8 x^2 - 6x + 9 and 8x - 3x^2 + 2

We took Chapter #3 quiz/test today.

We reviewed for a quiz/test for tomorrow. Topics to know for tomorrow: Cramer's Rule (both 2x2s and 3x3s), inverse matrices, area of triangles. this will get you ready for a good part of the test.

Inverse matrices in class. Remember: find the inverse of the matrix then multiply by the 2 constants of the original equation. 3.8 p 52 15-18, 3.7 p 46 16-19. These are on my website.

I sent you an email with 2 more problems dealing with Cramer's Rule. Be patient! Nice numbers!

Today we worked on Cramer's Rule using 3-variable equations. I e-mailed you 2 problems 2 to try for tomorrow.

We did not have an assignment today.

We learned about Cramer's Rule today. The assignment is section 3.7 worksheet 44 problems 1-4 and worksheet 45 problems 22-24. This is from the website (3.7).

We set up matrice word problems and had four of them to do outside of class. They were from the BOOK, p 176 numbers 16,28, p 184 number 29, p 185 number 35.

Quiz today over 3.3-3.6. After the quiz download 3.6 from the website and do these 2 problems: #19 p 40 and #5 p 41. Write the final answers using a matrix.

We reviewed some for the quiz tomorrow and then a practice quiz was handed out for tomorrow.

We did some work with the multiplication of matrices today. We worked on this in class.

Operations of matrices today. We worked in class on section 3.5 with no assignment due tomorrow.

We worked on the triangular method of augmented matrices to solve systems in 3 variables. On the worksheet I handed out in class, we had problems 2-5 for an assignment.

Word problems of systems of equations in 3 variables. Set up equations, then solve. From resource handouts: ws 26 1,2 ws 28 22-24

Page 27 in resources. Problems15,16,17,19.

Solving systems of equations in three variables. The assignment is worksheet 28, section 3.4 from the website. Problems 7-9, 11-13, 15,16

We worked in class on linear programming problems. No assignment due tomorrow.

No assignment today. We had a quiz over 3.1-3.3

We worked on linear programming and desmos today. I handed out a practice quiz. The quiz tomorrow is over 3.1-3.3.

page 20 in 3.3 resource handouts on the website problems 1-7. Use desmos for each one. I want to see all the corner-points for each problem, their values, and the maximum and minimum values for the given function.

We started looking at maximums and minimums from graphing a region. Worksheet #21 was handed out in class.

Read 10-25-13

The assignment is due on Tuesday, not Monday. I will be gone on Monday. Do these, figure out how to do this...WE WENT OVER THIS ON FRIDAY!! p 149 from the textbook problems 1-6, 18-21, #24. Graph 1-3,4, and 24. On 5,6,18-21, solve these algebraically. (Get y by itself on all of these, then set them equal to each other.) The answer is 3 ordered pairs that form a triangle.

We started graphing inequalities today. Page 12 from resource handouts, section 3.2, numbers 1-7 are due on Friday. Shade the correct region that works!

The assignment were the first four word problems on 3.1 Word Problems from my website.

Worksheet 8 from section 3.1. We did problems 7-16. Systems of Equations.

We solved some systems of equations by using graphing calculators. After this, we did some ACT review problems.

We got our quizzes back and started working on quiz corrections. This took the whole day.

We had a quiz today over sections 2.5-2.8. There was no assignment following the quiz.

We reviewed for a quiz today. On pages 125-126 there is a 2.5-2.8 review. On page 127 there are problems 14-20 to review. These are in the textbook.

I handed out worksheet 33 in class. We graphed and found regression lines today. This is due tomorrow.

We looked at inequalities some more today. Worksheet 54 from 2.8 inequalities numbers 5 and 4 are due tomorrow.

We started graphing inequalities today. Section 2.8 from resources worksheet 53 is due Monday. Graph the inequalities.

More transformations today. In the book we did problems 1-42 in class. This was also our homework.

Transformations of functions today. On 2.6 Resource Handouts, do worksheets 43-46. No graphing, just state the transformation.

We started looking at Parent Functions and Transformations. You were to copy down the 3 different sets of equations from the board, and graph each set of four on the same coordinate plane. Hopefully you can determine what the numbers do for the transformation of the function.

We worked on a few more greatest integer functions. We started a worksheet in class and were to graph the first three for homework due Monday.

Greatest integer functions is what we looked at today. The assignment is graph p 37 1,3 p38 5,6 p 39 2,4 Also solve 7,8 from 39 on the graph paper. The greatest integer function looks like steps; sometimes they're called step-functions. The assignment is from 2.6 resources.

We looked at piecewise functions today, then started to look at absolute-value functions and their graphs. On 2.6 p 37 do #2, p 38 do #s 7 and 8, and p 39 do #s 5 and 6. Also graph f(x) = -3 |.5x + 1| - 2 Remember, these graphs should look like a capital letter V.

We started looking at piece-wise functions today. The assignment was WS 38 from the website, problems 1-4. Graph each one.

Today we solved battleship puzzles so no assignment since it's homecoming Friday.

We had a quiz today over sections 2.1- 2.4. No homework assigned.

There is a practice quiz on the website for you. I strongly encourage you looking at some (all) of this in preparation for the quiz tomorrow.

Today we had an assignment over finding equations of lines. Remember, find the slope, then pick a point out as well and plug these two into the point-slope formula y- y1 = m(x - x1). Then at the end, solve for y.

We started finding equations of lines in class today. However, there is no homework due tomorrow.

We worked more with slope. I handed a small sheet of slope problems PLUS on the website we were to download 2.3 worksheet #21 and do the first 3 word problems.

We started working with slope today. In the textbook on page 79 we were assigned problems 1-14.

We continued linear functions/equations today. Download 2.2 from the website. Worksheet 14 is due tomorrow. You can put this on yesterdays assignment.

We started looking at the formula Ax + By = C today. Remember the rules we discussed in class! Assignment was page 73 out of the textbook problems 44-50.

We worked with functions today, and spent some time figuring out the domain of functions. No assignment due Tuesday.

More functions today. Worksheet 8 from the website (2.1 functions and relations)

We looked at more functional notation today. g[f(3)] means plus 3 into f, then take that value and plug it into g. We did problems 35-43 on the website 2.1 functions.

Functions...functions....functions ....!!! :) In the textbook, page 64 1-3, pg 65, 11-13, 15,16. On 15, 16 graph using a chart, and then answer the other statements.

Our tests were handed back today. Then on page 40 in the textbook we looked at interval notation. Problem 1-18 are due for tomorrow.

We took chapter #1 test today. There was no outside of class assignment due for Tuesday.

We reviewed for our test on Monday. There is a practice test online that I recommend looking at for Monday.

We looked at absolute value inequalities today. The assignment was 1.6 Resource handouts worksheet #38. Do problems 2-9 for homework.

Compound Inequalities was the concept today. We were assigned the evens (2-22) from download 1.6 on the website. (The bottom 1.6)

We worked more with inequality word problems. We were assigned problems 1,2,7,8,9 from the website; 1.5 WP.

Discussion of inequalities first took place. Then we started looking at inequalities that involved word problems. The assignment was 3,4,6 and 3,4 from the download 1.5 WP from the website.

We looked at our quiz and discussed a few things from our first quiz. We then started looking at inequalities. Solve problems 1-14 on worksheet page 34 from 1.5 download. REMEMBER: If you multiply or divide an inequality by a negative, you must FLIP THE SWITCH !

The first quiz was today over sections 1.1-1.4. No homework was given today because time was cut short due to the early out.

We reviewed for our first quiz which is tomorrow. There is a practice quiz on the website. Remember |x| = x if x >0 and |x| = -x if x < 0

We went over our homework from the last couple of days. Absolute Value equations were then discussed. |2x-3| = 4 means 2x-3 = 4 and 2x -3 = -4
then solve the resulting equations state your solution. Remember, you will likely have two answers that work. The assignment was page 30 out of the book numbers 1-10, skipping #5.

We had property problems from section 1.2 to do plus review equations from 1.3 equations. This was on the website. Due Monday.

We continued working with properties. A small worksheet was given and you had to complete the last three problems on the sheet. Hint: Look at what property is used from one step to the next. Then repeat the process till the end of the problem.

We discussed properties of real numbers and the different sets of numbers that we use. Section 1.2 worksheet 13 is due for tomorrow.

Today we discussed formulas and reviewed the algebra review worksheet. Then at the end of the class we were assigned worksheet 16 plus book problems 39-41 from page 8.

We checked over some homework today and discussed some word problems. We were assigned another algebra review sheet plus the word problem practice page 9 from section 1.1 from the website.

A substitute was there today. You were given two battleships to do at the beginning of class and then section 1.1 from the website was given for an assignment (page 8, section 1.1).

You learned about the battleship puzzles. After this, we were given the algebra review sheet (front-back) which is due on Monday.

Today was the first day of school. We discussed the syllabus as well as other things related to class. We also checked out the website and the wiki. Online codes were given for the textbook in class. You should have bookmarked my website and the online textbook.


Today we were given worksheet 33 which was over more radical expressions. Simplify all problems.


We worked on some Radical Expressions in class and we went discussed worksheet 34. Remember to simplify radicals, there
cannot be a radical on the bottom of a fraction and every radical has to be simplified.


Today we discussed radical expressions. We were assigned worksheet 34 numbers 1-15. Remember, you can
never give an answer that has a radical on the bottom of the expression. You must get the radical out of the bottom
by multiplying the top and the bottom by the same expression. Have a good Easter break.


We were assigned worksheet 28 today over nth roots, numbers 1-36.


We had our Iowa Assessment test today in class. No assignment. We will start something new tomorrow.


Today we got our quizzes back and worked on Iowa Assessment Review for tomorrow.


Quiz today over 8.1-8.3 and 8.6. No assignment


We were given a practice quiz today. We have a quiz tomorrow over sections 8.1-8.3 and 8.6 tomorrow. All of the quiz
is related with rational expressions.


Today we were assigned worksheet 41 solving rational equations. To do this, find the LCD of all parts and then multiply
by it. All denominators will be eliminated, then just solve the resulting equation. We did problems 12-18.


We did not have an assignment today. We are currently working on reciprocal functions, hyperbolas, and asymptotes.


We were assigned numbers 18 and 21 on page 549. Plug a number in for x and figure out what y is, then graph the results.
The graph should be a hyperbola.


We continued to add and subtract fractions. We were assigned 50-58 on the new fraction worksheet.


Today we added/subtracted fractions. First find the LCD, then make equal fractions, then add or subtract. At the end, simplify
if you can. The assignment was WS 13 8-22 even.


We worked with LCMs today. Factor the denominators and take the highest power of each individual factor. This would
be the LCM of the monomial or polynomial. We were given worksheet 11 and were assigned 6-16 even.

3-12- 13

Today we worked again with complex fractions. We also were assigned #s 4-8 on the top of the same worksheet.


No school today due to snow.


Today we simplified complex fractions. Find the LCD of all the fractions and then multiply the LCD by each term
of the complex fraction. The denominators of each fraction should be eliminated. When done multiplying by the
LCD, simplify the top and bottom to find the final answer. We were assigned the first 6 problems on the bottom
of the worksheet.


Worksheet 7: 8-18 evens, plus book p 535 #s 44, 46, 54
Factor the polynomials. Cancel out the factors that are equal. If factors are opposites,
multiply one of the factors by (-1) and then cancel.


No class today due to professional development.