Worksheet #7. Problems 1,2,3,10,11,12.

Worksheet 160. Graphing Quadratic Equations. Problems 2-5.

6.4 Quiz today.

We pushed the quiz back one day. We reviewed some today for the quiz. Have your practice quiz done for tomorrow.

A practice quiz was handed out on Monday. The answers are on the website.

Website Homework: Chapter 6 Section 6.4 (2). Problems 3-8

Website Homework: Chapter 6 Section 6.4 1-12 Elim W/ Mult

Make sure you have IXL done for tomorrow. 10 problems the last two days from IXL U10.

IXL U10. Solve 8 problems for tomorrow.

1-16 Elimination Method Worksheet is due for tomorrow. Worksheet # 20.

IXL U8 is still the assignment. You have to get 12 correct for the score.

IXL U8 is due for tomorrow. You have to get 7 correct for an assignment.

Worksheet 14 substitution method 1-14 is due.

We started working on IXL U5 in class, but nothing is due for tomorrow.

IXL U5 is due on Tuesday. Have a good Easter break.

IXL U4 is due tomorrow. If you get an 80 or above, you get a 100. If you get a 100, you get extra credit.

IXL U2 is due for tomorrow. Graph the equations and see where the two lines intersect.

We started looking at some IXLs today. Nothing is due for Tuesday.

Quiz 11.6-11.8 is today. No assignment for Monday.

Practice Quiz 11.7 is online. This will be handed in after you finish the quiz tomorrow.

Worksheet 130, problems 2,3,4,6,7. Find an equation then solve. Multiply by the LCD!

Worksheet 129 was assigned in class. We did the first column of problems plus the first 3 of the 2nd column.

IXl GG2 is due for tomorrow. Don't divide, multiply by the reciprocal.

Worksheet 44 was assigned in class today. 1-22 all. The worksheet was over mixed expressions and complex fractions.

We had a worksheet that was handed out in class. We were assigned problems 1-6. Adding and subtracting rational expressions.

Website homework. 11.6 ( The 1st 11.6). 1-10. Add or subtract the fractions.

Iowa Assessments are today. No assignment due for Wednesday.

We practiced Assessments today. Our Assessment Test is tomorrow. No assignment due for Tuesday.

Website homework over 11.5. Do problems 1-12. Add or subtract the fractions. The bottom stays the same. At the end, try and simplify the fraction.

Quiz today over 11.3-11.5.

Quiz review over 11.3-11.5 is due for tomorrow.

Polynomial Long Division! 1-5 on the worksheet I handed out in class.

We worked in class today on a few things. No assignment due for tomorrow.

Worksheet 30 was handed out today, which is due on Monday. We also worked on a new puzzle today.

We worked on a factoring puzzle in class. No assignment is due for tomorrow.

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions. There is an assignment from the website: 11.4 1-15 odd (left column problems).

We got our Iowa Assessment scores today. We then worked in class on practice assessment questions.

Worksheet 19 is due for Tuesday. This is to be done the exact same way as worksheet 18. GCF and Factor!

We started simplifying algebraic rational expressions (fractions) today. Two rules: 1) GCF 2) Factor Worksheet 18 was handed out in class.

IXL AA5 for today. Factoring differences of squares and perfect square trinomials.

We proved a^2-b^2 today. We cut up a piece of paper to prove this. Your assignment was to color it.

Quiz today over factoring. If you were gone, you need to see me and tell me when you can take this.

We reviewed for a quiz tomorrow. A practice quiz was assigned.

Side 104 of the worksheet is due on Monday. Same rules as Thursday.

We were given a worksheet in class on solving equations. We did side 103 for an assignment. 4 rules: 1. Get zero on one side. 2. GCF out? 3. Factor. 4. Solve.

We looked at the homework that was due today. Then we started a game of factoring that we never finished. Nothing due for tomorrow.

Website homework. Download 8.4 and we were assigned 1-12 and 1-6. Factor the polynomials. ALWAYS take out the GCF first when you factor polynomials.

We practiced in class more factoring. No assignment due tomorrow.

IXL AA4 for Monday. Do 15 of them total. You must get 15 correct for the assignment. Keep track on your own.

IXL AA4 for tomorrow. You have to try to get 6 of them correct. Keep track of how many you get right.

IXL AA3 is due for Thursday. This is over factoring trinomials.

8.3 from the website. Problems 1-16, 1-16 are due for Wednesday.

We did the left side of the two numbers worksheet plus the right side go to 6 and 8 of the top right. This is due for Tuesday.

AA2 IXL is due Monday.

No School

2-17, 2-18, 2-19
2-17 and 2-18 Scavenger Hunt on the internet. 2-19: AA1 and AA2 on IXL. Try to get as high as score as possible.

2-12-14 and 2-13-14
We took a quiz on Wednesday and Thursday there was no assignment.

We reviewed for a quiz which is tomorrow. On the website, there is a quiz review under chapter 7. The first page are the problems, the second page is the answers. I am collecting it tomorrow.

Finish the rest of the shape worksheet. (Problems 10-12 are the new problems for the assignment). Quiz on Wednesday.

Worksheet of area problems today. Find the area of problems 1-9. Use basic area formulas to help you.

We squared binomials today (a + b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2 Worksheet 52 solve the problems that have squares like these.

We reviewed polynomial operations today. There is no assignment for tomorrow.

Website: download section 7.7. The left column through #13 is due for tomorrow. Multiply the first group times the second group. Then combine like terms at the end to get your final answer.

Skill Z8 on IXL. Try 6 problems. Take first times first, outside times outside, inside times inside, and last times last. Then simplify (add the outsides and the insides together). The answer is a trinomial. See how many problems you can get correct out of 6.

We cut some shapes out and used them today. This is what we worked on today. No assignment.

IXL Z6 for tomorrow. Multiply your coefficients and add your exponents to get your answer!

We added/subtracted polynomials some more today. The assignment is 7.5, the second sheet, 1-20. This is on my website.

We worked on IXL Z4 in class (not due) for tomorrow. Website 7.5 1-20 are due for tomorrow. (The first page)

We started looking at polynomials today. Make sure your 2 previous IXLs are done for tomorrow.

The quiz is today over 7.1 and 7.2. When done IXL Z1 (alg I) and IXL (k1) are due for Monday.

No quiz today due to the late start. We reviewed a little more for the quiz.

We reviewed for a quiz that we're having tomorrow over exponents. I handed out a quiz review today at the end of class.

We had an assignment over scientific notation today. Worksheet 420 was assigned.

We worked on IXL today. W3 and W4. You cannot work on these outside of class because these skills won't work on the chromebooks. You have to either work on these in the media center or mac lab. But you don't have to work on these outside of class.

IXL on skills W1 and W2. Try to master both of these.

Worksheet in class due tomorrow. All of worksheet 13, and 1-15 of side 14. Remember your exponent rules!

Both sides of the worksheet I handed out in class are due for tomorrow.

IXL today. Skill Y3. Your smart-score should be in the 90s with time spent being well above 10 minutes.

Download the 2nd assignment from chapter #7. Do problems 27-50 for the assignment. These problems are based off of the product and power rules from last week.

Website: 1st download: worksheet #6. Do problems 1-18.

IXL today on 2 skills. Try to get mastery on skillsY5 and Y2.

We discussed the power rule today. The assignment is download 7.1 (the first download on chapter 7), worksheet 5 1-15 and worksheet 7 7-15.

Welcome back. Nothing is due for tomorrow.

12-17 - 12-20
Semester Tests Week. Goodluck and have a good break.

Semester review today in class. Goodluck!

Semester exam material was handed out today in class.

Chapter 4 Quiz today. No homework for tomorrow.

Practice quiz problems today. The quiz is over 4.1-4.4 tomorrow.

IXL practice inside of class and out on parallel and perpendicular lines.

Go to the website and download 4.3 worksheet #19. We did problems 5-27, the right 2 columns.

Worksheet 13 4-9, 13-18. Always start with y = mx + b Due Monday.

Finding equations of Lines worksheet. Do the first five problems on each side. Due on Friday.

In-class practice with graphing equations using y = mx + b No assignment due for Thursday.

We worked with the formula y = mx + b m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. To graph always get y by itself, then plot the y intercept, and finally work with the slope (rise/run) to get one more point then draw a line though your two points.

We worked with slope-intercept form today. We had worksheet 154,152 due for tomorrow. This was handed out in class.

We took Chapter #3 test today.

We reviewed in class tomorrow for out test. There were some practice problems we did for tomorrow, but no assignment due. Hint: make sure you know how to do the practice problems.

We reviewed a few topics in class for next week. I handed out a practice test to review. Have it done for Monday and make sure you have questions about the material.

We worked in class on finding rules for ordered pairs and charts. No assignment is due on Friday.

We found rules for ordered pairs and graphs today. On the website, download 3.6, do problems 5-8 on the first page and then 1-7 on the second sheet, worksheet 38. Do not graph any, write down the ordered pairs in an x-y chart first to start.

We worked in class today on arithmetic sequences. Then we started proportional and nonproportional relationships. no assignment was given.

We continued with arithmetic sequences today. Website 3.5 (the second one) worksheet 33 1-17.

To find an equation for the nth term of a sequence, first find out what the sequence increases or decreases by. For example, find an equation for the sequence: 16,22,28,.... this sequence goes up by 6, so we say 6n. Now we figure out the zero term, which is the term before the first term, which would be 10. So we say the equation for the sequence would be 6n + 10. How about this one: -13, -21,-29. This one goes down by 8, so we say -8n; the zero term would be -5; the final equation is -8n-5. The new homework is worksheet 32, 1-20 on section 3.5 from the website.

We had a quiz today over linear equations. Download 3.5 from my website and do problems 1-17 (p 191), skipping problems 5-7. An arithmetic sequence is a pattern that always adds or subtracts the same number all the time. Example: 4,0, -4, -8, -12 is an arithmetic sequence in which it decreases by 4 each time.

We reviewed direct variation equations and then reviewed for the quiz tomorrow. There is a practice quiz on my website.

Direct Variation Equations. We worked in class on this.

In-class work on slope. No assignment due for tomorrow.

We worked with some more slope in class today. We had a dot-to-dot worksheet that is due on Monday. I handed this out in class.

We worked on slope today. The assignment was worksheet 153, which was handed out in class.

3.1 Download problems 23-28 use the intercepts to get 2 ordered pairs. problems 29-34 use a chart to get ordered pairs. Don't graph any.

Worksheet 7 that was handed out in class.

We worked on various things in class during Monday. No assignment due Tuesday.

No assignment. We had a quiz today.

Practice Quiz over all types of mixture problems and RxT=D problems. Quiz is tomorrow.

More RxT=D problems. #s 2,6,8,10 are due on Thursday. Their distances should be equal on all these problems.

Rate x Time = Distance problems was the topic today. On my website, download 2.9 (2) and the assignment is numbers 1,5,4,& 9. Draw a chart, make an equation, then solve.

You were given a new mixture worksheet from the substitute today. These are due Monday.

We worked on liquid measurement today. Draw a chart to solve the problems (3 by 3). Label the top # x % = Total
Do problems 5-9 for Monday of the old worksheet that you should still have.

We had in-class practice today on mixture problems. No assignment due on Friday.

We looked at mixture problems today. I handed out a worksheet in class and we had numbers 1-4 to do for an assignment. Make a chart, set up an equation, then solve and answer the question.

We started looking at weighted averages. Download 2.9 from the website. The assignment is 11-20, skip #15. Draw charts on #s 13 and 20.

We did some in-class work and looked at cribbage scoring.

Nothing for Monday. We worked in class on proportions.

We took a quiz today. There was no assignment once the quiz was over. Notebook check tomorrow.

We reviewed for our quiz tomorrow. Here are the answers to the practice quiz.
1. -61 2. 4 3. 29/6 4. 8, -60 5. 4, -4/3 no solution 6. Per x=2, Area x = 4/7 7. x=32 8. 183/9 (20.33) 9. 3.75
10. x=6 11. |x-70| = 4 66-74 inches

We worked with ratios and proportions. Download 2.6 ratios. The assignment is 15-29, 34-39 (p 115). You must use the butterfly method to solve the last 9 problems.

We did a few more triangle problems today. We copied some down in class today and they are due on Tuesday. We put them on the back of the triangle worksheet.

We worked with some triangle angles today. Remember: all the angles of a triangle add up to be 180 degrees. Do problems 1-12 on the worksheet I handed out in class. Due Monday.

Download 2.5 II , then we solved problems 46-51, 52, 45. page 107

We started looking at absolute value today. The assignment was to download 2.5 from the website and solve 13,16,19,22,23,25,26, and 28.

We reviewed some today. Download 2.4 Eq from the website and do problems 9-13, 20, 21, & 26 for tomorrow. Show work and solve.

We worked in class on some more equations. No homework for Monday.

We worked on solving equations in class. I handed out a worksheet for homework that is due tomorrow.

We worked on solving equations with variables on both sides. I sent you a document in your drive (2.4). File, make a copy, and solve the equations on the worksheet. Share it back with me. Please uncheck - send email notification to me before you share and save it (just above share and save).

We modeled equations today. We then copied down 5 equations from the board. These types of equations will be on a small quiz to start class tomorrow.

Homecoming Friday. We solved battleship puzzles today. No homework.

We took a quiz over 2.1-2.3 today. No homework for tomorrow.

Quiz tomorrow. On the website is 2.3 Practice Quiz. You at least have to do 1/2 of this to study for the quiz. I will collect it first thing tomorrow.

We solved equations that involved the distributive property. Download 2.3 DIST PROP from the website and solve equations 1-14. To do this correctly, get rid of parentheses, combine like terms, then solve the equation.

Period 1: Look at 9-20-13. All other periods, we reviewed solving equations.

We started solving 2-step equations today. The assignment is download 2.3 from the website (p 94) and do problems 11-22 and 34-37.

We started looking at (modeling) 2-step equations. There was no assignment given today.

We were assigned problems 47-55 on the 2.2 EQ II download. These are one-step equations.

We started solving one-step equations today. Download 2.2 EQ from the website and solve problems 18-35 for the assignment.

More integer review today. No assignment due for Tuesday.

We had an integer review assignment. Worksheet 20 from the website. (int rev)

Our first test is today, therefore no assignment out of class. :)

We reviewed for our test today. There is a review online that I suggest looking at before the test tomorrow.

We had an assignment: 1.7 Download worksheet 57 from my website. Do problems 14-40.

We worked with functions again today. We worked in the book with no outside of class assignment.

We looked at page 50 (functions) in class today. If you were absent, we'll cover this on Monday. No outside of class assignment.

We started relations in class today. The assignment is download relations 1.6 worksheet 42 (probs 21-31) from the website.

We solved equations in class. Homework was download 1.5 Eq II, worksheet 34. We did numbers 19-32.

We finished properties today. Then we started solving equations mentally. The assignment is section 1.5 (ws 32) 1-12 from the website.

We looked at property problems in class today. There was no assignment given.

We worked more with properties. Properties 1.3 Worksheet 21 is due tomorrow. This is on the website.

We learned about properties today and made a chart in class and put it into our notes. We were then assigned p 19 9-14 and we are supposed to show each step for our homework.

Today we had our first quiz. 1.3 Properties Worksheet from the website was assigned, due Wednesday. Show all work when simplifying.

We reviewed today for our first quiz tomorrow. We handed in our old homework. There is a review on the website(1.1-1.4 review). No assignment due for Tuesday.

We checked worksheet 26 from section 1.4 and then were assigned worksheet 7 from section 1.4 from the website. Due on Monday.

The distributive property was discussed in class. We took some notes plus were given the assignment of section 1.4 worksheet 26. This is due on Friday.

Today we discussed more algebraic expressions. We were assigned worksheet 14 from section 1.2 from the website. Use pemdas to solve the order of operations. To evaluate an expression like 2a - 4b when a=8 and b=3, just substitute into the original expression: 2(8) - 4(3) = 16 - 12 = 4

Today we did some related problems with algebraic expressions. Then at the end of the hour we were assigned worksheet 16 that was handed out in class which was "The Four Digits Problem".

Today we learned about algebraic expressions. We looked at some problems out of the book, but had no assignment.

Today you had a substitute teacher. You were given two battleships to complete plus you you were to extend the four 4s activity to the numbers 11-30; due Monday.

We learned about battleships today. We also did the four 4s activity. We tried to get 1-10 with four 4s.
4 + 4/4 + 4 = 9

Today was the first day of school. We went over expectations and guidelines in class as well as discussed the website and wiki.


We had an assignment on simplifying algebraic fractions today. 1 - 15 is due on Monday.
Hint: ALWAYS try to factor out a GCF first. Then always look to factor the remaining polynomial.
I always simplify the top first and then the bottom. Cancel out factors that match on the top and the bottom!


We had a test today over factoring. The practice quiz was due also today. There was no assignment
after finishing the test.


no school due to professional development.